School’s Out for Freshman Legislator

It was an extraordinary first session for Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou.

Niou joined Poozer Politics to reflect on her first year as a member of the Assembly and talked about the personal toll of the late budget, her approach to the legislative process and accomplishments for her constituents.

She also explored the challenge of delegating power and highlighted some of her plans for the rest of the year. Continue reading “School’s Out for Freshman Legislator”

Meet the (new) Majority: Yuh-Line Niou

Second time was the charm for Yuh-Line Niou, who was elected to represent the 65th Assembly District this fall.

The freshman legislator, who was sworn in this week, came up short in a long-shot bid for the seat during a special election in April, but won in November when she had the Democratic nomination.

We talked about the campaign process, taking over the seat once held by former-Speaker Sheldon Silver and the benefits of being an Albany insider. Continue reading “Meet the (new) Majority: Yuh-Line Niou”