The Itinerant AP Reporter

Blink and you might have missed her in the Capitol.

Anna Gronewold parachuted into the AP’s Albany Bureau as a legislative relief reporter for the start of this year’s legislative session and will soon depart for her next mission.

She came on the podcast to talk about her experiences in the Nebraska and North Carolina statehouses, provided an outsider’s perspective on New York’s Capitol, described life as a “relief reporter” and espoused the merits of opening random doors. Anna also touched on her preparations for working in Albany and her goals moving forward. Continue reading “The Itinerant AP Reporter”

Meet the (new) Majority: Clyde Vanel

Clyde Vanel is an engineer, pilot, lawyer and business owner. On January 4th, he will add Assembly member to his lengthy resume.

The 33rd Assembly District’s future representative came on the show to talk about losing elections, the issues he cares about and his favorite political podcast (“favorite” might be the wrong word). Continue reading “Meet the (new) Majority: Clyde Vanel”

Gov. Cuomo or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Energy

This episode features Empire Center for Public Policy analyst Ken Girardin laying out his critique of the recently enacted Clean Energy Standard and the decision to subsidize nuclear power plants in upstate New York.

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