Power to the People, Hold On

Selling energy could be even bigger business in New York, but whether those profits truly materialize could depend on a battle of acronyms in Albany.

The state’s Public Service Commission is fighting on multiple fronts, including state and federal court, with the nearly 200 energy service companies that want to sell energy in New York. The crux of the conflict revolves around the charge from state regulators that ESCOs target low-income customers and fail to deliver on their advertised promises.

Marie French, the energy and environmental reporter for Politico NY, joined Poozer Politics to explain how an ESCO operates, provide a status update from the PSC’s war and talk about New York’s energy future.

The episode also features excerpts from state lawmakers and regulators, who are divided on the threat posed by ESCOs and the merit of the PSC’s actions.

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Rock Me On the Dais

Wielding the gavel during senate session in Albany can take a light touch or a firm hand.

That balance is usually maintained by Senator Joe Griffo, who regularly serves as acting-president of the state senate. In this role on the dais it falls on him to keep the peace, crack the occasional joke, offer some scripture, and ensure they’re passing legislation.

He came on the podcast to share some of his secrets from the dais and talked about the responsibility of filling the shoes of the lieutenant governor in the chamber. Griffo also answered questions about his use of humor during floor proceedings, hostile amendments from the Democrats, appearances in the chamber by Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi and the 2009 Senate Coup. Continue reading “Rock Me On the Dais”