Planting the Seeds for Tax Reform in New York

Thirty years ago, New York overhauled its tax code in response to major reforms at the federal level. Now, with Republicans in Congress hoping to cut cut cut, is reform at the state and local level around the corner?

What would reform in New York look like?  Where is the low-hanging tax fruit? Do state politicians, especially Gov. Andrew Cuomo, have the appetite for a big fight in 2018? Why is loophole a dirty word?

For those answers and more, including their wish list for tax reform in the next legislative session, Poozer Politics turned to Ken Pokalsky, of the Business Council of New York, and David Friedfel, of the Citizen Budget Commission. The conversation touched on the collection of online sales taxes, property taxes in New York City and predictability for businesses.

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Digesting the Budget

The state budget – consisting of 11 bills, a handful of memos and a lot of political posturing – can be hard to swallow for the average politico. So I talked with a budget expert about how he breaks down the state’s tax and spending plan into digestible morsels.

Citizens Budget Commission Director of State Studies David Friedfel shared how he prepares for the release of the budget, reminisced about his time with the Assembly Ways & Means Committee and offered advice to ordinary New Yorkers who want to understand the governor’s proposal.

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