A Day in the Life

There are many stories about passing the budget – this episode features some of the stories from 12 hours during one of those days.

This show includes updates by reporters and members of the Assembly from Sunday, April 2, as the legislature worked to reach a budget agreement before the governor’s “grace period” ended. Their stories explain how they prepare for lengthy budget negotiations, the challenges of waiting around for indeterminate amounts of time and the desperation caused by staring at closed doors.

There are five stories, including accounts from Assemblyman Brian Barnwell, the Times Union’s Matt Hamilton and Chalk Beat’s Monica Disare.  You also get to hear Assemblyman Joe Morelle address reporters and the concluding thoughts of host David Lombardo.

All of the stories were recorded in and around the Capitol and showcase some outdated recording technology that will highlight every echo of the old statehouse.

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Meet the (new) Majority: Brian Barnwell

Get to know Brian Barnwell, the Assemblyman-elect for the 30th Assembly District in Queens.

Brian won a long-shot primary victory in September and, at 30 years old, is also one of the youngest members of the Assembly. He talked about his goals for the legislative session, campaigning with the help of his family and the 20-pound election diet. Continue reading “Meet the (new) Majority: Brian Barnwell”