NY-19 is Trump Country?

There was not a lot of good news for Hillary Clinton in the Hudson Valley on Tuesday night.

A poll released by the Siena Research Institute on the 19th Congressional District was more notable (to me) for its top of the ticket surprise than its tight showing between Republican John Faso and Democrat Zephyr Teachout in the race to replace WAMC’s favorite Republican member of Congress. According to the poll, Donald Trump is winning the district by five percentage points, with 43 percent of voters going for him and only 38 percent for Clinton. Continue reading “NY-19 is Trump Country?”

How many Democrats does it take?

Chris Eachus is helping advance the study of political science with his latest senatorial campaign.

The Orange County Democrat’s rematch with Sen. William Larkin (R-New Windsor) will again test the role of voter enrollment on election outcomes. So far, Eachus (D-New Windsor) has proved that a Democratic enrollment advantage will only get him so far when competing for a seat in the state Senate. Continue reading “How many Democrats does it take?”