School’s Out for Freshman Legislator

It was an extraordinary first session for Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou. Niou joined Poozer Politics to reflect on her first year as a member of the Assembly and talked about the personal toll of the late budget, her approach to the legislative process and accomplishments for her constituents. She also explored the challenge of delegating power … Continue reading “School’s Out for Freshman Legislator”

Reflections from the Plywood Hut

Capitol Pressroom host Susan Arbetter took a break from asking questions to answer some for the Poozer Politics podcast. She shared insights into her interview process, including how she prepares for pivots and filibustering by politicians, and contrasted public and commercial radio. Susan also reflected on the challenge of questioning Gov. Andrew Cuomo and highlighted … Continue reading “Reflections from the Plywood Hut”

A Day in the Life

There are many stories about passing the budget – this episode features some of the stories from 12 hours during one of those days. This show includes updates by reporters and members of the Assembly from Sunday, April 2, as the legislature worked to reach a budget agreement before the governor’s “grace period” ended. Their … Continue reading “A Day in the Life”