Special Election Bracket Busters

Cinderella stories are common in March, but what about in April?

On April 24 the state’s political season kicks off with special elections from Long Island to Buffalo. There will be 11 potential upsets, with nine Assembly races and two in the state Senate.

Most eyes are on the 37th Senate District because it’s viewed as a pivotal battleground for control of the state Senate. The district leans Democratic, but Republicans are hoping they can wrestle back control and pad their majority. Michael Lawler, campaign manager for Republican hopeful Julie Killian, joined the podcast to talk about their path to an upset victory.

The Assembly seats could also be ripe for surprise victories, as was the case in last spring’s special election on Long Island. Melinda Person, political director for NYSUT, came on the show to talk about the possibility of repeating that win on a larger scale.

As the listener might already know, after more than 50 episodes, this is the last scheduled installment of Poozer Politics. The show will take on a new, yet to be determined shape when I start with the Times Union next month.

So keep your ears open for new episodes in the near future.

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Special Election Bracket Busters

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