Seeing Through New York

The expectation in New York that public information should be available online is only a recent development in the online era.

Ten years ago the landscape was radically different (and not just because Netflix dealt solely in DVDs), which is why the creation of See Through New York was a game changer.

In its first year, the site published payroll information for New York City and the state’s largest authorities, shared legislative expenditure data and unveiled a tool to analyze local tax data. Since then, See Through New York has launched new applications and continued to grow its database of public information.

Empire Center for Public Policy Executive Director Tim Hoefer joined Poozer Politics to talk about the evolution of See Through New York from its first lines of code. He explained the challenges of collecting and processing data, the legal fights along the way and the goal of empowering ordinary citizens with access to public information.

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Seeing Through New York

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