Watchdogs on High Alert Over Senate Stipends

Calls for additional oversight in Albany aren’t new, but there is a new twist to the ongoing story.

The latest scandal involves the Senate Majority Coalition’s practice of misidentifying the titles of certain senators in order to give them extra pay. Senate Democrats are alleging the actions are illegal and law enforcement has begun to review the issue.

Blair Horner“You can’t have one system on the books, and a second set of books doling money out to other people,” said Blair Horner, a good government activist with NYPIRG.

Horner came on the podcast to talk about the misuse of taxpayer funds with the stipend practice and urged the state Senate to reform the process. He also outlined the general need for independent oversight in New York, especially for state contracts and economic development initiatives.

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Watchdogs on High Alert Over Senate Stipends

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