Trump and his Taxes

Could New York post President Donald Trump’s state tax returns online?

That’s what a bill from Sen. Brad Hoylman would require the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance to do.

Following up on his proposal to require presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns in order to qualify for New York’s votes in the Electoral College, Hoylman has introduced a bill that would require the state to post online the income tax returns for the president, vice president, the state’s senators in Congress and any other statewide elected officials, such as the governor.  The state income tax returns would be posted for every year the elected official remains in office, according to the legislation.

“New Yorkers deserve to know whether elected officials represented the state are paying their fair share of taxes or hold potential financial conflicts of interest,” reads the bill memo.

Hoylman and Sarah Silverman at Trump Tax Returns Protest (Photo by @BradHoylman)

The memo notes that the public can learn a lot about a person’s financial information, such as their salary and sources of income. The state would redact “personal identifying information” from the returns before posting them online and the returns would be taken down when the person leaves office, according to the bill memo.

Over the weekend, Hoylman attended a tax protest in New York City that urged Trump to release his tax returns. Similar events were held all over the country, including in Albany.

Hoylman shined a spotlight on this issue earlier in the session when he introduced the “TRUMP” Act, which would make releasing tax returns a prerequisite for appearing on New York’s presidential ballot. States across the country have introduced similar legislation, but none have been enacted into law and Hoylman’s bill has not moved in the committee process.

His latest bill is co-sponsored by Sen. Daniel Squadron, who also sponsors a version of the bill that only applies to the president and vice president.

It is unlikely that either will move through the Republican controlled Senate. Additionally, the “TRUMP” Act hasn’t shown any sign of life in the Assembly, which is controlled by the Democrats.

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