Reverse Reverse! Everybody Change Your Votes!

What if you want to change your vote?voting

That’s a question Republicans in New York are hoping that voters who cast absentee ballots are starting to ask themselves in the wake of murky news on Friday about a new FBI investigation related to Hillary Clinton. And if you are asking this question, Suffolk County Republican Committee Chairman John Jay LaValle has the answers for you.

In a campaign email, he wrote, “I am writing to let you know how a voter can change their vote after their absentee ballot has been cast.” (Read the full email below.)

According to LaValle, a voters can override their initial absentee vote in two ways:

  1. 1. On Election Day, just cast a vote at your polling site. (This may be problematic for most absentee voters, because you technically can only vote absentee if it’s basically impossible for you to vote in person.)
  2. 2. Contact your local board of elections to request a new absentee ballot and try again.  “Once connected, inform the Board you have already mailed in your ballot and you wish to change your vote,” writes LaValle. “The Board will send you a new ballot and the last vote you cast will be the one that is counted.”

It’s unlikely, though, that absentee voters are going to want to change their votes, regardless of any October surprise, because these voters are usually fierce partisans. These are voters who have gone through multiple extra steps to votes and generally aren’t moderate or undecided voters, so it’s highly unlikely that there will be much vote changing.

This effort is also minimized because a request for a new absentee ballot must be made by Tuesday, Nov. 1.

“It’s probably too late for Democrats to put Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders on their party’s ticket,” concludes LaValle in his email. “But absentee voters who cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton can still change their minds!”


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