School’s Out for Freshman Legislator

It was an extraordinary first session for Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou.

Niou joined Poozer Politics to reflect on her first year as a member of the Assembly and talked about the personal toll of the late budget, her approach to the legislative process and accomplishments for her constituents.

She also explored the challenge of delegating power and highlighted some of her plans for the rest of the year. Continue reading “School’s Out for Freshman Legislator”

EXTRA EXTRA: Extraordinary Sessions 101 with Professor Poulopoulos

Welcome to a crash course on extraordinary sessions in Albany.

StateWatch Guru Mike Poulopoulos, who has more than a decade of experience at the Capitol, explains how the governor calls these sessions, outlines possible responses from the legislature, and forecasts the potential agenda for the extraordinary session in 2017.

He also shares horror stories from the extraordinary summer of 2009, when the legislature returned day after day, including the Fourth of July!

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The Itinerant AP Reporter

Blink and you might have missed her in the Capitol.

Anna Gronewold parachuted into the AP’s Albany Bureau as a legislative relief reporter for the start of this year’s legislative session and will soon depart for her next mission.

She came on the podcast to talk about her experiences in the Nebraska and North Carolina statehouses, provided an outsider’s perspective on New York’s Capitol, described life as a “relief reporter” and espoused the merits of opening random doors. Anna also touched on her preparations for working in Albany and her goals moving forward. Continue reading “The Itinerant AP Reporter”

What about the Children

The state budget was bittersweet for New York families and children this year.

“Raise the Age” was one of the sweetest parts and cuts to child care subsidies were a bitter pill to swallow, according to Dede Hill, the director of policy for the Schuyler Center.

She came on the podcast to talk about both measures, including the practical changes of raising the age of criminal responsibility. Hill also talked about state child care tax credits for middle class families and proposals on the federal level from President Donald Trump. Continue reading “What about the Children”

A Day in the Life

There are many stories about passing the budget – this episode features some of the stories from 12 hours during one of those days.

This show includes updates by reporters and members of the Assembly from Sunday, April 2, as the legislature worked to reach a budget agreement before the governor’s “grace period” ended. Their stories explain how they prepare for lengthy budget negotiations, the challenges of waiting around for indeterminate amounts of time and the desperation caused by staring at closed doors.

There are five stories, including accounts from Assemblyman Brian Barnwell, the Times Union’s Matt Hamilton and Chalk Beat’s Monica Disare.  You also get to hear Assemblyman Joe Morelle address reporters and the concluding thoughts of host David Lombardo.

All of the stories were recorded in and around the Capitol and showcase some outdated recording technology that will highlight every echo of the old statehouse.

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