EXTRA EXTRA: Extraordinary Sessions 101 with Professor Poulopoulos

Welcome to a crash course on extraordinary sessions in Albany.

StateWatch Guru Mike Poulopoulos, who has more than a decade of experience at the Capitol, explains how the governor calls these sessions, outlines possible responses from the legislature, and forecasts the potential agenda for the extraordinary session in 2017.

He also shares horror stories from the extraordinary summer of 2009, when the legislature returned day after day, including the Fourth of July!

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Semester at the Capitol

Living through legislative sessions in Albany can dull you to the experience.

But what is it like for someone coming to the Capitol with fresh eyes?

Courteney Kerin, a StateWatch intern for the 2017 session, answered that question and more on Poozer Politics. She offered tips for surviving marathon public hearings, shed new light on Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick, highlighted the value of learning faces and spurned a career in journalism.

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So It’s Come to This: A Poozer Politics Clip Show

Poozer Politics is going green this week with a recycled episode.

Since the state legislature is on repeat – glossing over ethics, fighting over mayoral control and feverishly working late nights to finish on time – the podcast is following their lead and sharing clips from past episodes (but with a new introduction).

The episode includes conversations with Politifact New York’s Dan Clark, Assemblyman Clyde Vanel, communications guru and politico Sean Magers, NFIB state director Mike Durant and television newsman Greg Floyd.

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The Itinerant AP Reporter

Blink and you might have missed her in the Capitol.

Anna Gronewold parachuted into the AP’s Albany Bureau as a legislative relief reporter for the start of this year’s legislative session and will soon depart for her next mission.

She came on the podcast to talk about her experiences in the Nebraska and North Carolina statehouses, provided an outsider’s perspective on New York’s Capitol, described life as a “relief reporter” and espoused the merits of opening random doors. Anna also touched on her preparations for working in Albany and her goals moving forward. Continue reading “The Itinerant AP Reporter”

And Now His Watch is Ended

After nearly a decade manning the Times Union Capital Bureau Northern District, Casey Seiler’s tour of duty is over.

(Photo by: John Carl D’Annibale / Times Union)

The long-time state editor came on Poozer Politics to talk about his transition back to the mother ship in Colonie, where he will serve as a senior editor for news.

The conversation touched on a fateful LCA Show in 2008, his favorite moments in the Capitol, reporting on subjects he skewered in his column and the future of the Times Union’s state government coverage. Casey also examined the impact of Twitter, paywalls and blogging and reflected on the colleagues he shared his “cell like office” with in the Capitol. Continue reading “And Now His Watch is Ended”