Democratic Hope Springs Eternal on Long Island

Newsday reporter Robert Brodsky outlines the fight for control of state Senate seats on Long Island, where Senate Democrats are hoping to win enough elections to gain a majority in the chamber.

New York is unwavering in support for Clinton

There has been virtually no movement in the race for New York’s 29 electoral votes since May.

In the last six months, the Siena Research Institute has asked New Yorkers five times about their preference for president. The results have been shockingly boring and really consistent. (Pro Tip: Listen to the process for determining “likely” voters on a recent episode of the podcast)

In a poll released on May 3, Hillary Clinton had 56 percent of the vote and Donald Trump had 30 percent. This month’s polling showed basically the same results, with Clinton dropping two percentage points and Trump still at 30 percent. Continue reading “New York is unwavering in support for Clinton”

Extra Extra: Republican Eye on Erie County


This bonus episode features Nick Langworthy, the chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee, talking about overcoming a Democratic enrollment edge in Erie County and the likelihood of “split-ticket” voting on Election Day.

Heating Up in the Hudson Valley

Sen. Bill Larkin (Left) and Orange County Legislator Chris Eachus (right)

Chris McKenna, of the Times Herald-Record, breaks down the contentious race for the 39th Senate District, which is a rematch between incumbent Bill Larkin and Chris Eachus. We talked about the issues from the campaign trail, including contaminated water, a potential legislative pay raise and the age of the candidates.

The conversation concluded with an update on the 99th Assembly District, where incumbent Jim Skoufis is fending off a challenge from Colin Schmitt.

Sneak Peek in the North Country

A glimpse of a poll for an upstate Assembly race shows potentially misleading results.

D. Billy Jones, the Democrat running for the open 115th Assembly District, was required to release an internal poll to the state Board of Elections after supporters leaked a portion of the poll to the media. This week the BOE voted to release a portion of the poll, but the commissioners appear to have left out some of the juicier information usually included in these internal polls. Continue reading “Sneak Peek in the North Country”